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Bio Natural Solutions (BNS)

The company was born as a startup called Bio Natural Cover with the aim of reducing the food waste through innovative and sustainable solutions with the environment.

Mission: "We develop and commercialize novel - clean technologies that preserve fresh horticultural products using biotechnology tools and working in harmony with the environment".

Vision: "Be a global Biotech company creating sustainable solutions to improve the Agri-Food Industry".

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Life Cover ®: Postharvest technology

Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables!

Life Cover is an ecological solution based on fresh byproducts that create
and invisible and organic barrier that slow down oxidation and maturation
process naturally, reducing losses by up to 80% in the value chain.

- Non-pesticides or other toxic residues.
- Flexible form of application
- Life Cover is self paying with the saving generated.
Feel free to ask about the crop you want to improve their shelf life!

Test in-situ

Check the effectiveness in your own facilities. The test program will allow you to use our products with the support of BNS expert staff.

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